Want to know about ac cobble? You are in the right place.

AC Cobble is the author of the epic fantasy Benjamin Ashwood Series. When his modeling career did not take off as planned, he started writing books…

Sorry, sorry, that is not true. This stuff is:

AC was born and raised in Tennessee, but currently resides in Texas. He is married, has three kids, and a dog. When he's not writing, he enjoys eating, drinking, traveling, and spending time with the family.

The first Benjamin Ashwood book was published in May 2016. In September 2017, AC quite his job and founded Cobble Publishing LLC, which publishes his books as well as other SciFi & Fantasy authors.

Prior to writing full time, AC worked in Transportation and Oil & Gas. In his final corporate role, he traveled the world and worked in nearly a dozen different countries. Those experiences as well as personal travel inform the world of Benjamin Ashwood. AC received a degree in Business from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from the University of Florida. Turns out, none of that is helpful when it comes to grammar.

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