Jonathan Renshaw "Dawn of Wonder" - Probably the most popular Independently published Epic Fantasy of all time, and for good reason. Renshaw's tale is exceptionally well researched and reminds me of a gritty Harry Potter. The 'school' scenes are well done and avoid the worst tropes of the genre, but my favorite is the outdoors / adventure sections. It's unlikely you've read my books and not this, but if that's the case, you should check it out.

Phil Tucker "The Chronicles of the Black Gate" (Books 1-3 Boxset) - Phil Tucker knows how to write a great battle scene and he opens with a superb one in the first book of this boxset. His characters are diverse, realistic, and a blast to read about. One of the Top 5 Epic Fantasy debuts in 2016.

Michael J Sullivan "Age Of Myth" - I don't have space to list all of the awards and best-sellers lists this thing has been on. Sullivan came out swinging with his Riyria Chronicles so a lot of people were anticipating this new series, and it did not disappoint.

Ryan Kirk "Nightblade" - Young boy, family killed, taken by a master swordsman and trained to be a total badass. Not the first time this plot has been used, but Kirk does it well and there's an Asian flare that I enjoyed.

Duncan M Hamilton "Wolf of the North" - Hamilton has a fun concept where we are listening along with an audience about how a legend is made. This is very much a coming of age tale about a young boy turning into a young man and then a warrior.

James Islington "The Shadow of What Was Lost" - This book is getting a lot of comparisons to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, except it's a trilogy so we know it will end! I recommend the audio version of this series.