Epic, Swords & Sorcery Fantasy

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Welcome, I am AC Cobble. I write epic swords & sorcery fantasy books. Click on the cover to find them on Amazon, check out my Books page, or download a free sample of Book 1 here!

My best known project is the Benjamin Ashwood Series. The books follow a young man who leaves his village with mysterious strangers on an epic quest. Benjamin Ashwood has the feel of the classic, farm boy with a sword fantasy that I grew up reading, but the story takes a very different turn. In Ben's world, there are no Chosen Ones, and the good guys don't always win.

As Ben's journey progresses, his knowledge and skill grow, but so does the danger. He is faced with otherworldly evil, and the more familiar evil of man. He must decide if he will live under the control of the unscrupulous leaders who rule his world, flee from them, or break them.

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