Benjamin Ashwood

The Benjamin Ashwood series is a classic Swords & Sorcery Epic Fantasy. It follows a young man as he embarks on an incredible journey with mysterious strangers. Along the way, he learns that things aren’t always what they seem and safety is a fragile concept when the destructive behaviors of the powerful are exercised unchecked. In Ben's world - like our own - political, economic and military might create a system to keep the elite in power at the expense of the common man. As the series unfolds and Ben's knowledge and skill grows, he will have to decide if he wants to live within the system, flee from it, or break it.

Books 1-4 are available now in Digital, Print, and Audio. You can follow the links below to see them on Amazon. Book 5 will be out June 2018 and Book 6, the series finale, Dec 2018.