I'm getting my newsletter under control. From now on, I'll send it once a month. I'll include information like new releases that I've been watching, inside tidbits from fellow authors, updates on my publishing schedule, and best of all, short stories set in the world of Benjamin Ashwood. These stories will feature other characters and will intersect with Ben's story in funny/insightful ways. The first one, which will go out at midnight tonight, will feature Lady Towaal following the Blood Bay war.

I'm pretty excited about these short stories because they give me a chance to write from another point of view. I've got a lot of fun ideas about what I can do as well as some interesting tidbits I plan to drop in. Since the main story is told from Ben's perspective, I only include what he would know. With the short stories, I can say what other people know, and now you can too!

If you haven't signed up, you can find the newsletter here.

Happy reading!