Empty Horizon: Benjamin Ashwood Book 4 Pre-Order

2 blog posts in a week, something must be happening!

Empty Horizon: Benjamin Ashwood Book 4 is just two weeks away. Already, the eBook is up for pre-order and 1,600 people have purchased it. Have you?

Only 3 people - including me - will have seen this book prior to its December 5th release. Time to go click that link if you want to be next in line.

In Book 4, the stakes increase, and Ben has to scramble to prevent complete disaster. He gains new allies, and loses some as well. We see more magic in this book, and get a few clues about ancient conflicts that have been building for centuries. There is a lot of action throughout the book, and a little bit of humor (I think it's funny at least). Toward the end, we round the corner and setup the last few stages of this epic series. If you liked the first three books, then you're certain to like this one. I hope at the end you feel satisfied, and eager to find out how the whole thing ends.

December 5th!

Mark it on your calendar. The eBook goes live, it will be available through Kindle Unlimited, and I should get the paperbacks out within a day. The audiobook requires a bit more production and scheduling with the narrator, so it will be a little delayed, but don't worry, it's coming soon.

Happy reading,