Quick Progress Update

I’m hard at work on Weight of the Crown: Benjamin Ashwood Book 6, and it’s shaping up nicely. I’ve completed the rough draft, finished my revisions and rewrites, and I’m now on copy-editing. I’ve got two more weeks of that, then it’s off to a professional proofreader. She’ll spend a few weeks painting the entire thing red before sending it back. That gives me a few weeks to accept her changes and apply the final polish. We’re on track for a December 1st release.

This book is currently sitting at 127.7k words, which will make it the longest in the series. It wraps up the main story arcs, but there are a few unanswered questions / unexplored stories which I may delve into later. For now, I’m just worried about getting this thing finished and making it the strongest and most satisfying conclusion I can!

If you’re not caught up yet, now is the time to get reading so you’re reading of Dec 1st!


2016-732 AC Cobble Benjamin Ashwood B06.jpg