Art Contest!

I've previously announced this in my Newsletter and on Facebook, but I thought I'd better throw it up here too (sorry, I am terrible about remembering to update this blog). If you want to see opportunities like this first, sign up for the Newsletter!

Sigil Drawing Contest:
Hosting a little art contest this month. It's really easy. All you have to do is draw your concept of the blademaster sigil from the Benjamin Ashwood books and mail it to me:

The blademaster sigil is the one all the best blademasters have on their swords, if you forgot. Cool design is more important than artistic merits. I'm going to make my kids do one, and their preferred medium is crayon on printer paper. At the end of the month, I'll choose my favorite design and select a winner. I'll post some of the best submissions so everyone can see.

Grand Prize - signed copies of the first 4 books in the series and... wait for it... you get to name a character in an upcoming book!!!

You could name it after yourself, which I recommend, or pick something else. If my kids win, Ben is going to have to battle Blooddeath McPoopyface. Don't let that happen.

*I reserve the right to post any of the art in my newsletter, on my website, or on social media. If it is so good that I want to include it in the books, sell it, put it on a t-shirt, I will contact you and negotiate a commercial license.

Let me see what you've got!