Word Counts

Good news! Burning Tower: Benjamin Ashwood Book 5 is off at the proofreader. I should get it back in a few weeks, then I'll give a final check to make sure I haven't accidentally created even more typos, then we're on track for the June 5th release!

This one's a bit meatier than the previous books, but the page count isn't significantly higher. It's because I've got denser paragraphs, which wasn't really intentional, but it disguises the length. Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to show long long each book really is, as an author determines these things. We use word counts because everything else can be manipulated. Here are mine:

Benjamin Ashwood - 118,000

Endless Flight - 119,000

Dark Territory - 118,000

Empty Horizon - 114,500

Burning Tower (draft) - 123,800

Happy reading!