Quill: The Cartographer Book 1 is out NOW!

In case you missed all of those banners I stick everywhere on the site, Quill: The Cartographer Book 1 is out NOW! I’m extremely excited about this new release. Not just because it’s new and shiny, but because I’m really proud of what I put into it. With Benjamin Ashwood Book 1, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I wrote it as a hobby, never expecting it’d turn out to be something other than a weird fact I could use in the stupid “ice breaking games” I did in the corporate world…

Benjamin Ashwood of course turned into a success, and because of it I went full-time as an author. I was able to eventually corral my early ideas into a storyline — but that’s not where it started. Aside from the last big action scene in WotC, I had no idea what was going to be in Books 2-6 with Benjamin Ashwood! Yeah, I know…

So, with The Cartographer series, I’m not messing around anymore. This is my profession, and I’m putting the work into it. I got all the graphics you can find on the art page, I got the top narrator in the business who recently worked with George RR Martin (Simon Vance audio coming in July!). And I spent time crafting this series and world and building it into something I’m proud of.

The Cartographer is unique, it’s not like anything I’ve read. It’s researched and strategized. I know what’s going to happen in the next books, so what is happening in the first one is meaningful! All of this intrigue is going somewhere… This story is more complex and layered than Ben’s story. It’s darker and sexier. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. In short, The Cartographer has the same sense of fun & adventure as Benjamin Ashwood, but it’s standing on a stronger base. If you care to read them, there are more layers to this onion ;)

And look at that cover! The map in the background is the map of Enhover in the book. The symbol on the front is the series logo. It’s all tied together!

Interested? You can find Quill: The Cartographer Book 1 HERE!