Oops. I switched web hosts and blew up all of my content. Most of it is easy to replicate, but I will not be going back and redoing all of those blog posts. The good news? It's going to be fresh and clean now.

For this blog, I will post updates on the business of publishing - independent and small press. This blog is intended for people who have an interest in the industry and I hope to post about twice a month. If you have no interest in the industry, but are curious what I am up to, I recommend following me on Facebook. I post a few times a week there. Sometimes I have pictures of beer. You can also subscribe to my Newsletter, which I'll send out monthly. It will have news on releases (of course), updates on my writing, any interesting deals or recommendations I've stumbled across, inside tidbits about other authors, and Free Content.

That's right, Free Content. Starting in October I'll include mini-chapters set in the world of Benjamin Ashwood. They'll be told from a different perspective than Ben's and will either shed light on background information or interact with Ben's story in funny/insightful ways.

That's a lot of ways to stay updated! If you have a question, feel free to contact me.