Deals & Give Away!

I've got deals from 4 great authors today and a chance to sign up for a give away to get signed copies of our books (roughly $250 in signed merchandise)! I'm like a one man BookBub over here... Check back on Sept 7th for even more deals.

Each of these books is only $0.99 today (Sept 5th) and is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Buy all four of them for less than you spent on that Venti Unicorn Frap which you will regret 2/3's of the way through. Long post, scroll all the way down for the Give Away.

David Estes "Fatemarked" - Good for people who like reading! This is a big fat epic fantasy that is chock-a-block full of surprises and mystery. You think you know how it will go, then Estes throws a curve-ball.

JD Franx "The Legacy" - Another long one. Good for people who like gooey atmospheric fantasy. Death Wizards, Dwarves, ancient witch covens. Inspired by Scottish/Irish castles and the Catacombs in Paris.…/…/

Bryce O'Connor "Child of the Daystar" - I recommended this already when it was in Prime Reading. It's good for people who like Badass Lizard Man Assassins. Yeah.…/

Jeffrey Quyle "Journey Through the River Cities" - Young man goes on an epic adventure, meets beautiful daughter of noble family. Wait a second, that sounds familiar. Best plot for a book ever!!! Quyle's been writing for a while and has a pretty long backlist, this book is the first in his newest series.…/…/

I'm too lazy to set up my own site for our give away, so you can go to David Estes' site to sign up. Disclosure: in exchange for the chance to win about 15 signed books and cds, we do want your e-mail address for our lists. You can unsubscribe at any time, but starting the first week of October, my list will have EXCLUSIVE, FREE, Benjamin Ashwood mini-chapters. You know you want that.…