Another Day of Deals

As promised, another day, another set of deals. All are $0.99 in the US and enrolled in KU. Some are in that price range internationally, but I didn't confirm which. Head to the Raventide Books link and click on the covers to be redirected to Amazon. Too many books to link them individually, so I will list some highlights.

Alec Hutson "Crimson Queen" - I've already recommended this one for Prime Reading. The world building is superb. Recently recognized as the 3rd biggest Epic Fantasy debut in 2016.

Phil Tucker "Path of Flames" - Big long series with the 5th book out in October. I've read it and love his characters. Earned an official blurb from me and I'd be willing to consider him for the drinking team :) Recently recognized as the 5th biggest Epic Fantasy debut in 2016.

Side note: Guess who was the 4th biggest? I'll admit, 2016 was a slow year for debuts, but Indies took 3 out of 5 top slots.

A couple of honorable mentions in this promo: TA Miles / her marketeer who did the heavy lifting on setting up the site and has a two-release double punch out in September. Sara C Roethle who is absolutely crushing it right now (seriously, crushing it). Justin Sloan who does a lot of SciFi co-authoring with one of the top Indies in the game, Michael Anderle. Patty Jansen who is another SciFi crossover and has a backlist for miles. Michael McClung who got rave reviews in Mark Lawrence's SPFBO contest. Rafael Hohmann who's debut is riding near the top of the Amazon charts right now. Same for Mike Morris who apparently does have another book out I didn't know about. It looks pretty good... David Estes who I mentioned two days ago is also in this round, but you should already have his book!