Book 5 is out on Audio!

Burning Tower: Benjamin Ashwood Book 5 is now available on audio!

Eric Michael Summerer is back with more great narration and this book is getting the best reviews of the series! If you are like my wife, and have been waiting for the audio even though you know you are featured as a character in this book and you keep asking me what happens to you and I keep saying “why don’t you just read it” and you are like “no, I like the audio version better” and I am like, “then you have to wait” and you are like, “my character had better not die” and I am like, “your character doesn’t die” and you are like, “my friends keep saying I’m a bad guy” and I am like, “that’s because they actually read the book” and you are like, “audio is so much better” — now is the time to pounce…

Pro-tip, don’t name characters after your wife.



Burning Tower - Benjamin Ashwood Book 5.jpg