Video with Thomas Webb

My small press, Cobble Publishing, is putting out three books in Thomas Webb’s Clockwerk Thriller series. We have two out, with the third to arrive likely around January. I absolutely love these books. When people ask, I describe them as “If Michael Bay wrote Steampunk”.

I think that’s accurate - these books are incredible escapism fun. When reading them, you can see the movie playing in your head… When you peel back the onion though, they go a lot deeper, and in the interview below Thomas discusses that. There are not a lot of people of color in SciFi, and very few on the covers of books. We put someone of color on the cover of Stalemate because it’s true to the story, and true to Thomas’ story. He has a lot to say about that in his interview, and I hope you check it out.

If “Michael Bay wrote Steampunk” is interesting, but “pushing diversity” is not interesting to you, I recommend you still give these books a shot. Thomas is not heavy-handed or preachy, he is simply writing what is true to him. That’s what I love about it, this is an authentic story told from a really interesting perspective. If it helps, Thomas is also a former marine, so the combat scenes are badass.

Find the interview HERE.

Or the books HERE.