Endless Flight now in German!

Endless Flight: Benjamin Ashwood Buch 2 is available in digital on the Amazon DE store! See the link below for the eBook, and the print book should follow soon. Another bit of good news, we’re near completion on the translation for Dark Territory: Benjamin Ashwood Book 3 and I fully expect it will be released in early December! Cutting down the wait time.

I’ve been to Germany several times, and I really love the country. Very green, very old castles, lots of bier. Ashwood-ian, you could say, or perhaps Germans would say Benjamin Ashwood is very Deutsch. Either way, you can see the influences even in the English version of this story. In Dark Territory, our heroes visit Hamruhg, which bears a striking resemblance to the German city Hamburgh’s old warehouse district. A lot of that section was written on location, and the bier drinking was authentically replicated ;)

So, while my German dates back to high school classes, I still know how to order some schnitzel and bier, and formatting this book is a ton of fun for me. I can pick up about every 10th word, so it’s hilarious trying to figure out what exactly is happening in my own story… I’m usually wrong.

If you have a stronger command of the language than I do, then what are you waiting for? Go get Endless Flight today, and get ready next month for Dark Territory!

Find Endless Flight: Benjamin Ashwood Buch 2 HERE!

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