My favorite platform to reach readers is Patreon. For those unfamiliar, you support creatives by giving monthly payments and then receive rewards based on your level of support. It's a great way to diversify my income, and give exclusive & early content to big fans.

Most of you do not support me on Patreon, and that is Ok. I'll still be here on Facebook, website, newsletter, etc. I get that you don't want to sign up for a recurring payment, but I also want you to know what you're missing.

My most popular rewards are the $2 and $5 tiers.

At $2, you get exclusive weekly updates and you get 1 Week Early access to my short stories and novels. You can read these on any device (the only way to get my digital stuff outside Amazon!), and never need to purchase my books at retail. You read that right, you'll get Weight of the Crown 1 Week before it's released!!

At $5, you get the same rewards as above, but if you're in North America, you get signed print copies of each of my books. For my next series, I'm planning t-shirts and things like that and I'll distribute that to $5 tier and up.

There is a $1 tier for exclusive updates but not early books, and more expensive tiers for things like naming characters. Please check it out if any of this sounds interesting.

Upcoming Patron rewards:

Every Wednesday I share my updates. Tomorrow's will be a video update and I'll give some insight into Benjamin Ashwood that I've never shared before.

Nov 16th-ish, Short Stories Volume 2 including stories I share in the newsletter and new ones which will only be included in the bundle.

Nov 24th, Weight of the Crown, 1-week prior to it's public release date, and you can read on any device!