Oops - Book 6 is out!

Oops… I just realized I have forgotten to mention that Weight of the Crown: Benjamin Ashwood Book 6 is out now! Sorry, I am atrocious at keeping this blog updated. Perhaps you should follow me on Patreon, the Newsletter, or Facebook ;) Keeping the blog updated is on my list for 2019, but since we’re not there yet, I’m giving myself a pass.

Anyway, since we’re late to the party, I have some stats to share:

WotC debuted at #88 in the overall Kindle Store

WotC spent several days at #1 in the Kindle Swords & Sorcery category, topping that fellow George RR Martin’s history book

WotC had over 2,000 pre-orders, and that number has been blown out by personal record setting sales on release day and throughout December. The entire Benjamin Ashwood series has over 180,000 copies sold now, and I’m confident it will easily cross 200k - which blows my mind

WotC is getting, by far, the best reviews I’ve ever had on Goodreads.com. As we speak, it’s 4.62 stars there, which is REALLY good. So good, in fact, that I only know of one other fantasy author with, say minimum 100 reviews, that has a similar average (Will Wight, if you’re looking for the next read)

Yes, WotC really is the end of the Benjamin Ashwood story arc. Yes, it is possible that there will be a spin-off. Yes, it would feature the person everyone keeps asking about. No, it is not next on my agenda. Next, I have a brand new trilogy planned. That one is going to be quite a bit different than Benjamin Ashwood, but it should be just as appealing to BA fans. I think it will be better, actually. Whether or not it is, we shall see, but believe me when I say I wouldn’t start writing it if I wasn’t incredibly excited about the potential.

Now, if you haven’t already gotten Book 6, and you bothered to read through all of that, you clearly enjoy my writing - perhaps more than is healthy. Instead of blog posts, you should get the book! Find it on Amazon HERE.