FREEBIES from Cobble Publishing!

You may know I run a small press publishing house on the side. I don’t share too much about it here because I assume you’re interested in Benjamin Ashwood, and not everything else. That’s cool, but there is one offer I thought you might be interested in. We have two of the small press titles on sale for FREE today! These are limited time offers (as in, make your move TODAY), and this is literally the only time I’ve ever offered books for free. We’ll see how it goes… Before I decide it was a bad idea, I suggest you check them out ;)

Mark E Lacy’s The Ban of Irsiri

This is a standalone, epic style fantasy. It’s chock full of action and imaginative magic and mysticism. I chose to publish this title because the vivid prose brings the characters and world to life. Seriously, Mark is an incredible writer, and I wanted to be a part of it. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a rich, epic fantasy feel, but doesn’t have time to chew through several books of history and side quests. Of the two, this one is closer to the style of Benjamin Ashwood.

Tanya Schofield’s Awaken: Melody’s Song Book 1

A young adult fantasy for adults. Tanya’s tale is quick-paced, and filled with action. The characters are based on old D&D characters Tanya and her friends used to play, and over the years they’ve grown and shifted, until this story formed around them. I chose this one to publish because of the quick pace. I also love the female protagonist, which is all too rare in fantasy, as well as Tanya’s concept of her magic. While is is written in a YA style, there are adult situations, so be warned! As an added bonus, Book 3 in this trilogy JUST released! No waiting, just reading.